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Getting Started with Clojure

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ClojureAfter talking to a few people this past week I decided that I would spend some of my July 4th weekend giving Clojure a try. There are a couple of good resources available for getting started, the PeepCode screencast and the Programming Clojure book from The Pragmatic Programmers. I picked up both of these and watched the video right away, it was a nice introduction that got me more interested and ready to dive into the book.

Before getting into the book though I knew that I wanted to get setup in my editor. Phil Hagelberg has a great blog post on getting setup if you are using his Emacs Starter Kit, however I’m not using elpa for my setup so I went about things a little different.

I found this page that describes setting up slime with Clojure and followed it pretty much all the way through except for the code repositories that he uses and the paths to where Clojure lives on his file system. Instead of using the clojure-mode mentioned in the article, I used Phil’s repo as his seems to be a little more up to date.

Getting Clojure itself installed is pretty easy, I grabbed the source from github along with clojure-contrib as it has a bunch of nice add-ons. The only other piece you will need to get going is Java and Ant.

So far I’m impressed with the language but I’m still not sure how it will fit into my tool belt. Outside of Ruby, Erlang is where I spend all of my time hacking and Clojure seems to fit into the same niche.

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July 3, 2009 at 7:42 pm

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