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I love my Kindle. It’s something that I use all the time and even though I think the recent events surrounding the Kindle were handled poorly by Amazon, I don’t think it’s enough to stop me from using it anytime soon. Having the ability to keep a large amount of books with me at all times is very useful. Normally I have four to five books going at once so carrying the Kindle is a lot easier on my back than carrying four to five large books with me. I thought it may be interesting to list out the ten books from my home page each Sunday and see if anyone has any comments on what I’m reading or suggestions for similar books. So here they are, the top ten books on my Kindle in the order that they appear on the device.

  1. Letters to a Young Mathematician
  2. A Mathematician’s Apology
  3. The Oklahoman
  4. Programming Clojure
  5. Hadoop: The Definitive Guide
  6. I Am a Strange Loop
  7. Programming Erlang
  8. Erlang Programming
  9. Pragmatic Thinking and Learning
  10. Agile Web Development with Rails, third edition

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July 19, 2009 at 2:09 pm

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