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The Digital Family That Travels

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griswold family

As the summer comes to a close, I think back on the traveling that my family has done this summer. While we have not traveled nearly as much as we normally do since we had a new child, we did make two trips to Missouri and a few other small trips around Oklahoma and Texas. The main thing that pops up in my mind about us traveling is how much tech we carry with us. I would expect myself to have a lot since I’m a technophile but not my wife, she hates changing tech and used her last laptop until I forced her to upgrade. My children also travel with a large amount of gadgets. Let’s look at what each of us carried with us for our last trip to Missouri.

Dad(me): 15″ Macbook Pro, Amazon Kindle 2, iPhone 3GS, 60GB iPod, evdo card

Mom(my wife): 15″ Macbook Pro, Canon Rebel xti, 750GB external drive, iPhone 3GS, numerous sd cards, full case of blank cds

Oldest child(age 11): Macbook Air(ssd), iPod Nano, generic cell phone, digital camera, Nintendo DS + games

Middle child(age 5): Nintendo DS + games

Youngest child(age 3 months): electric nose sucker thing

To carry all of this around we drive a Honda Pilot that has 8 seats, a luggage rack on top and a nice DVD player inside to keep our kids entertained if they get bored with their other crap. Note that we do not use a GPS(I think about getting one but honestly don’t care enough).

I have to wonder if other families travel with this much tech or even more maybe. What gadgets do you take on vacation with you?

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August 20, 2009 at 1:27 pm

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