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How do you find time for social media?

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Michael Hyatt posed a question on his blog today asking

How do you find time for social media? What does your typical social media day look like?

I figured that instead of leaving a comment on his post, I would explain how I use different social sites throughout the day in order to do my job and keep up with the industry.

I make time for social media sites everyday because it’s how I communicate with the outside world. I telecommute for work and work with a community that is spread throughout the world. If I did not use social media sites I would not be able to keep up on current trends and business news. These sites also allow me to better connect with clients and community members that are using the open source version of our software.

The main site that I use is Twitter, it’s normally the first thing I check in the morning when I wake up. I check twitter first because it can give me the heart beat of what’s going on and I can see if any big news or announcements have happened while I was sleeping. After checking the status of the people that I follow, I check my saved searches from Twitter search. I use Twitter search to track topics that I’m interested in such as the product that I work on and I track the other players in the nosql community. This lets me see what trends and articles people are looking at. I will comment on tweets or retweet things that I would like my followers to read as well.

All of the tweets that I post also go into Facebook. While this is looked down upon by some, I find it useful because I have different people following me on each service and I normally want to share the same information with them. I do check into Facebook from my phone throughout the day and will comment on posts there as well or respond to people who comment on my posts.

For blogs and saved searches from sites like Stack Overflow I used Google Reader. I keep a tab with reader open all day and read items as I have free time. I will “like”, “share” and “comment” on articles within reader and click through to the actual article if I want to leave a comment for the writer of the blog to read.

Overall I spend 1-2 hours a day using social media sites and feel that it’s time well spent because it allows me to communicate with the community involved with what I’m doing.

Written by hornbeck

April 23, 2010 at 8:40 pm

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