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The Stresses of Moving

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I’ve lived within 10 blocks of the house that I grew up in my entire life. On April 15th we closed on a new house that is located on the other side of the city. This causes mixed feelings for everyone since we currently live only about 6 houses away from my parents and my kids can just walk down to see them. Outside of the feelings of finally moving away from this area are the stresses of packing and deciding what needs to come with us and what needs to be gotten rid of.

Our current house is five bedrooms, 2 living areas, two baths and a kitchen. Our new house is 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 living area and a kitchen. The overall living space is bigger but it’s less rooms overall. Because of this we have to condense a few of the rooms together, meaning that it’s really time to get rid of some stuff. Personally, I could get rid of the majority of my personal belongings and be perfectly fine. My wife on the other hand is very big on keeping things around due to memories that she attaches to them. Many people do this and I don’t judge her on it but it makes deciding what is not going with us a little bit more difficult.

We are supposed to move in on May 15th and will begin renting our current house to a family members but we don’t even have half of the house packed yet and many rooms are yet to be sorted. I know that we will eventually make it out of hear with less stuff but in the meantime we stress over it daily because we know that we need to get rid of many things and yet we can’t seem to figure out what needs to go.

Written by hornbeck

May 2, 2010 at 7:21 am

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